Several points should be paid attention to when making silver plating powder technology

2019-03-08 229

  The first step is to pay attention to the pretreatment of the substrate, which is very important, but sometimes it may be overlooked.

  The bonding force, conductivity, smoothness and residue on the surface of electroplated substrates should be considered. Many people often neglect this point, which leads to the poor effect of electroplating.

  Taking the common copper plating as an example, copper is a very good base material for silver plating, but we should also pay attention to whether the surface of copper is feasible, such as whether it is oxidized, whether there is oil stain residue, and some stains can not even be detected by naked eyes.

  If the oxidation is serious, activation can be done first. If there are residual stains, it is necessary to carry out cleaning pretreatment before electroplating. Otherwise, the coating will be unstable and discolored.


  Second, we should pay attention to the problem of additives. All kinds of additives in the electroplating bath must be supplemented in time. Otherwise, it will lead to the failure of electroplating or other problems. Therefore, it is also necessary to record the situation of each process step and add additions in time.

  The last one is to control the current size and time of silver plating. The speed and thickness of silver plating are determined by these two factors, but the larger the bath is, the better. For example, if the current is too large, it will cause discoloration of the silver plating. As for the thickness, it is also necessary to set the plating time according to the demand.

  These need to be verified and compared many times, and finally find the parameters of silver plating which can be fast and good for setting.

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