Pure polyester powder coating

    Outdoor powder coating

    Outdoor powder coating


    Brief introduction of outdoor pure polyester powder coating series
    Polyester resin and TGIC curing agent are used as main base material.
    Product features
    (1) good tightness, good mechanical performance, tough coating and high strength requirement.
    (2) film coating is smooth and glossy.
    (3) suitable for long-term outdoor exposure of the product coating, has a good outdoor durability.
    (4) excellent over baking property.
    (1) household appliances: outdoor units of air conditioners, indoor lighting appliances with high lighting conditions, lamps and lanterns;
    (2) construction applications: colorful curtain walls, door and window frames, ceiling with high lighting conditions;
    (3) traffic facilities: highway guardrail, barrier;
    (4) auto parts, sports facilities, fitness equipment, gas station equipment, garden facilities.
    Product line
    Can provide standard curing and low temperature curing type, can be made into a variety of gloss and colorful color texture:
    (1) G series high light (greater than 80%), B series semi light (80 - 20%), W series without light (less than 20%) products. Specific luster according to customer demand control deployment.
    (2) in addition, with special additives can be made into different colors and textures; such as plane, sand lines, wrinkles, crazing, continuous lines, hammer, moire, crack, flower, imitation stone, metal (gold / silver), and other art products antique texture.
    physical property
    1.2-1.7g/cm3 (vary according to recipe and color)
    Grain size distribution
    Less than 100 microns, can be adjusted according to construction requirements
    Curing condition
    180 degrees (workpiece temperature) 15 - 20 minutes; or 200 degrees (workpiece temperature) 10 minutes
    Average coverage rate
    Under the condition of powder utilization rate 100% and film thickness about 80 microns, the powder loading rate reached 9-12 m2 / kg.
    Coating property
    All tests were made of O.8mm thick rust removing cold rolled steel plate with a film thickness of 60-80 microns.
    Test item
    test method
    detection result
    Mechanical property
    Pencil hardness
    GB/T 6739-1996
    Adhesion (panel method)
    GB/T 9286-1998
    O Class
    Bend test
    GB/T 6742-1986
    Less than 2mm
    impact test
    GB/T 1732-1993
    More than 50kg.cm
    Cupping test
    GB/T 9753-1988
    More than 7mm
    Corrosion resistance
    Salt spray test
    GB/T 1771-1991
    >500 hours
    Hygrothermal test
    GB/T 1740-1979
    >1000 hours
    Heat resistance
    110 hours /24 hours (white sample)
    Light and color retention retention of delta E = 0.6
    The properties of the above coating may decrease slightly with the decrease of gloss and texture.
    Product packaging
    Packed in cartons lined with poly vinyl chloride plastic bags, net weight 25kg or 20kg per carton.
    Storage condition
    Storage at 35 degrees below, dry, ventilated, clean room, shall not be near the fire, heating, while avoiding direct sunlight, is strictly prohibited open-air stacking. Under this condition, the powder can be stored for 12 months, extended and renewed for verification. If the result meets the requirements, it can still be used. (Note: for fast curing and gloss less than 40% powder, storage temperature is lower than 30 degrees is appropriate; all types of powder because of its low storage temperature and storage period extended
    Health and safety
    The powder coating does not contain toxic substances, baking power and no toxic gases produced by environmentally friendly products, but should avoid inhaling dust during use, the operator should wear anti-dust masks, glasses, and minimize the long-term contact with the skin and powder coating, coating adhesion to the skin, can be washed with soap.
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