Heshan Xinliqiao Powder CO., LTD

Is a collection of industry elite, world-class manufacturing, testing and testing equipment, carefully built powder coating manufacturers.

The company is located in Fokai high-speed road Jiangmen exports 3 kilometers Heshan Yayao town ancient bridge Industrial Zone, comfortable environment, convenient transportation. The company has modern standard operation workshop of 5000 square meters, advanced automatic powder coating equipment, 10 production lines with annual production capacity of 5000 tons. The company strictly standard production procedures, all raw materials used at home and abroad, the quality of sophisticated, focus on environmental protection and the quality of all raw materials, products can be assessed by the internationally recognized SGS detection mechanism, can reach the EU environmental standards ROSH directive.

In the development of special high-end powder coating company positioning, the introduction of world-class German bonding technology, is committed to painstaking research and development of “ &rdquo bonding; metal powder coating, completely solve the common problem of the new coating powder, heavy inconsistency in the construction aspect, and the appearance of almost metallic paint effects. Company dedicated pre-sales, after-sales service and stable product quality, won the customer recognition.

Sony Alice, a new powder coating company name, a standard powder manufacturing base, a carefully crafted professional service team, a steady progress towards the success of the enterprise development, is looking forward to your participation, win tomorrow.