“Operation service chapter”

The company is equipped with an excellent, professional and dedicated service team, sales network throughout the country, can provide technical support for customers at any time.

The company pursues efficient operation and management, and can make the fastest response for the customer's needs.

The company fully tap the internal potential, streamline operation, focus on upgrading the quality, challenge the customer's use costs, and achieve the best results for customers, and common development with customers is our ultimate pursuit.

“Technical support section”

In the era of information, the company with excellent reputation, with domestic and foreign high-quality raw materials research and development institutions to maintain long-term strategic partnership, always holding the forefront of technical information and quality raw materials.

Companies attach importance to the development and application of new products, new materials, equipped with perfect development test equipment, to enhance product efficiency, quality and innovation to provide a strong guarantee.

Company R & D test equipment is perfect, can quickly provide customers with new powder templates.

“Quality Assurance Section”

Sony Alice in strict accordance with the IS09001 international quality management system standards and the IS014001 environmental management system standard operation management to improve enterprise performance, and to streamline operations, reduce waste, and is committed to customer satisfaction.

The company has introduced a large number of advanced detection instruments and equipment, as a commitment to quality system, and special product development of a strong guarantee.

Raw materials and products are in line with EU ROSH directive requirements.

“Production guarantee section”

The company has first-class standardized operating plants, reasonable plant layout, clean production environment, the configuration of efficient and safe refrigeration system, is a major guarantee for powder coating production.

The introduction of the company is currently the most excellent powder coating production line, at the same time committed to carefully build adhesive metal powder, the introduction of the current most advanced, perfect German bonding equipment.

Advanced powder coating production line, from the expected packaging automation, to reduce human error.